Ghislaine Bazir

Tapestry artist / Tisseuse d’images.
Tapestry teacher / Initiation à la tapisserie sur cadre et sur métier de haute-lisse

✉️ tissagerie@gmail.com

Collective Exhibitions / Expositions Collectives

2023, Material : Hard+Soft, Denton, Texas

2022 Galerie Dor, Aubusson, France

2022 Tiny but Mighty, (American Tapestry Alliance), Knoxville, Tennessee

2022  Small Expressions  (Handweavers Guild of America), Knoxville, Tennessee

2021 Cordis Prize, Edinburgh, Scotland

2021 Irene Davies emerging artist award, Melbourne, Australia

2020 Renditions, 13th international small format tapestry online exhibition

Diploma / Diplôme

French National Certification in Tapestry / CAP Arts du tapis et de la tapisserie de lisse

Studied under, thanks to them all / Formatrices, un grand merci à toutes

France-Odile Perrin-Crinière, Atelier A2

Rebecca Mezoff

Laurence Marie

Kathe Todd-Hooker

Caron Penney

Mélanie Cros