Celina’s sample

Celina is exercising before beginning her big piece. As you see, her sample is as beautiful as a real piece! She is doing lines with sumak, following the book of Mette Lise Rossing. She is experimenting with different lenght and thickness of thread. And when she gets back home, her husband made loom is secured t the back of the car!

Celina s’exerce à tracer des lignes en soumak ( ou driadi à Aubusson), avant de se lncer dans son projet. Et quand elle rentre à la maison, le Frerech est bien attaché à l’arrière!

Expanding or splitting?

Our Guild is moving. Last weekend, we were split in two teams in two locations, one team weaving and the other sewing. Will we split, and dissolve the Guild? No, never! We decided to stay together, and to change the name of our Guild, for which we are still in discussion.

La Guilde de la Tapisserie du Sud Essonne va-t-elle se séparer? Jamais, nous resterons ensemble, même si certaines tissent pendant que d’autres cousent . Par contre, il va nous falloir un nouveau nom, les propositions sont bienvenues.

Alice et Anita 2, near there

It’s now going on smoothly (except for small weaving flaws…). I need concentration to weave so many interlocks, in this part of the design, it’s intelocks all the way along, for three rows. I will soon begin the row before last, the colors are ready. I already know I won’t be really satisfied with this piece, but I do will be proud of myself for finishing it.

Ça avance pas mal, ça prend du temps car dans cette partie il y a des liures tout du long. Les couleurs de l’avant dernier rang sont prêtes. Je pense que je ne vais pas l’aimer beaucoup, mais je serai fière d’en être venue à bout.