Alice et Anita

I reached the necks and faces, and a lot of problems. I first decided to have the necks in a grey and light pink color, but it didn’t work out, it was too dark. So I had to unweave. But all the area is interlocked, so it was really a mess! I then decided to not unweave the interlocked parts, but just the neck, and to weave a little portion with a needle. Lazy me! I know I will regret it at the end, but not now, so…. I then tried my first outline, to separate the neck from the face, and I find it quite ok. My goal is to achieve Anita’s face this week. You will be kept posted.

J’ai galèré avec les teintes du cou et du visage, mais ne suis pas trop mécontente. J’espère finir le visage d’Anita cette semaine.

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