Alice et Anita

As you see, the faces are finished. But I am totally unable to see how it comes. I weave from the back on a Mirrix loom, and don’t have a very good eyesigt. So I don’t know if th eyes are ok, or if they will look like clowns!

Also, I had to move my warp, which was getting to high for me. I struggled to do it, and when I succeeded, I noticed that my cartoon had moved. So I had to tear it off, to adjust it and to sew it on the woven part. It didn’t help for the eyes!

I was wondering if I will weave the ribbon in silk instead of wool, but I’m not sure it’s a good move. I will take the decision this week.

Les visages d’Alice et Anita sont terminés, mais je suis bien incapable de dire à quoi ils ressemblent et si elle ne louchent pas!

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