I don’t like you, Alice et Anita.

So, it’s done. And it’s ugly. I am quite desapointed. The only thing I can think of is : I have to do it again. My daugter says : no, you have first to practice on the faces. Maybe. But I have to do it again. Anyway, these three months weren’t wasted, I learned a lot. But I would have prefer it to be lovable.

Bof, bof, bof….. 100 fois sur le métier……Il va falloir que je recommence, c’est parti!


I bought this kilim in Paris last week. It’s an afghan Sofreh, meaning it’s a cloth on the ground, around which people gather to eat the food put on it. The seller told me it was 60 years old, I can’t tell. But the colors are gorgeous, and the weaving expert.

Un petit craquage de kilim la semaine dernière.

Linen monster

I wanted to try linen, and to experiment working on two different sets on the same piece. I worked on the small Hokett loom, 12 epi, with the same linen as warp and weft. It was quickly and not so well done, but I find the result very interesting and I will come back to it.

Une expérimentation de matière (le lin) et dechaine (un fil sur deux ou deux sur quatre)

Fendre l’air

I visited last week an extraodinary exhibition at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris (till April 7th). Many baskets made of bamboo were displayed, from the middle of the 19th century to now. I’ve read on the gorgeous cataogue that these baskets are long known in the USA, but it was a first time that such a collection was viewed in Europe. One of the artist, Tanabe Chikuunsai, explained on the video that the apprenticeship for mastering bamboo art is 10 years long.

You can order the catalogue there :https://boutique.quaibranly.fr/uploads/photos/1098/2214_xl.jpg

You can find a little video here : https://youtu.be/exphqfJQWpA

Courez-y, jusqu’au 7 avril.

My Padawans’ work, Celina and Françoise

I am so fond of tapestry weaving that I am trying to build a weaver’s community around me. The first to enroll was Celina, here is her work, she did great!

The second one, surprisingly, was Françoise, who never claimed to love making arts and crafts, and who wove by herself this cute little piece with picks and picks. Congrats Françoise!

Both: Cotton warp, wool weft, 8 epi, regular Hokett loom. (Yarns from my local retailer : http://www.destocklaine.fr/)


I am almost there with Alice et Anita, but…..It has been three times that I unwove the hand on the right side, and I’m still not getting it. I follow the cartoon, missing the form I’m aiming to design, and when I’ succeding at one part, I forgot the mistake I did and I do it again, in another part of the hand.


Faire et défaire, c’est toujours travailler……