I bought this kilim in Paris last week. It’s an afghan Sofreh, meaning it’s a cloth on the ground, around which people gather to eat the food put on it. The seller told me it was 60 years old, I can’t tell. But the colors are gorgeous, and the weaving expert.

Un petit craquage de kilim la semaine dernière.

3 thoughts on “Sofreh

  1. Is that black and white design (looks kind of like a slanted “E”) a form of pointillé? I can’t quite see the detail.


  2. Thank you for the detail. Yikes! This one is really complex! You have a good eye for quality weaving. It would be a good lesson for trying to reproduce part of it. It has several techniques that would be interesting to figure out.

    Is the back the same as the front or does it have a lot of floats or ends on the back?

    I bought the book “Woven Structures” from this website. It is mostly about knotted rugs but also has some key sections on the selvedges (sides and top/bottom selvedges) that she uses in particular to identify the specific origins of carpets. If you look at this link on updates to her book: you’ll get an idea of how technical the book is. She likes to try to figure out how a piece was made as a part of identifying it.

    Also, she has a nice summary of basic tribal weaves:


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