I’m not Matisse

That’s the title of my new piece. My big loom is waiting for heddles (Gmail told me they are now in my mail box, so I know what the afternoon will be.) But I now have a smaller Mirrix, on which I will try yarns, colors, and whatever is on my mind. So here I go for my chiné dancers. A mix of Faro, Weaversbazar and Aubusson yarns at 8 epi.

En attendant d’installer les lisses du grand Mirrix, je m’amuse avec différentes laines sur le nouveau petit métier.


I found the French word for pick and pick, and it’s: “ pointillé “. I bet i’s very difficult to pronounce for English speaking people. Anyway, my pick and pick exercice is over, and I’ pleased of it. It was woven of the Ladybird mini loom fron Spinspired ( spinspired.co.uk), a very simple and cheap loom with good tension and good size. I used Weaversbazar (weaversbazar.com) 6/2 medium yarn, and appreciated it a lot. The selvedges are not perfect, I have to improve there.

Pick and pick, ça se dit Pointillé en français. J’ai fini mon exercice en utilisant un petit métier de cette boutique (Spinspired.co.uk), pas cher, bonne taille, bonne tension, je le recommande)

Easter at Aubusson

I spent the Easter weekend in Aubusson with a friend. We had a wonderful time,eating, learning, reading, watching. A glimpse of Aubusson and the treat I made to myself. More in the posts to come.

Le week-end Pâques à Aubusson, et la laine que j’y ai achetée.


I spent the day winding bobbins for Alice et Anita 2. I’m now waiting for an order to Weaversbazaar, and I hope the colors I selected will match these ones as I expect. If so, I will begin.

J’attends des laines que j’ai commandées, et j’espère qu’elles se marieront comme je le souhaite à celles-ci. Si oui, je commence.

A diner with Jon and Juan

I had yesterday a delicious tapestry diner with Jon and Juan. We talked about yarns, bobbins, passion, museums, Aubusson. For them, a picture of great books about kilims. So long, friends.

Merci à Jon et Juan pour ce délicieux diner autour de la tapisserie. Pour eux, quelques photos de livres de kilims.

Alice et Anita, here we go again.

I will have another try at the same design, but I’ll change the scale, and some other few things. I have to decide if I stick with the 12 epi sett, and how will the background look. The only certainty, the weaving will be bigger, about 40×50 cm (about 16×20 inches).

C’est reparti pour Alice et Anita, avec la même base, mais en plus grand. Reste pas mal de décisions à prendre, comment sera le fond par exemple.