I found the French word for pick and pick, and it’s: “ pointillé “. I bet i’s very difficult to pronounce for English speaking people. Anyway, my pick and pick exercice is over, and I’ pleased of it. It was woven of the Ladybird mini loom fron Spinspired ( spinspired.co.uk), a very simple and cheap loom with good tension and good size. I used Weaversbazar (weaversbazar.com) 6/2 medium yarn, and appreciated it a lot. The selvedges are not perfect, I have to improve there.

Pick and pick, ça se dit Pointillé en français. J’ai fini mon exercice en utilisant un petit métier de cette boutique (Spinspired.co.uk), pas cher, bonne taille, bonne tension, je le recommande)

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