AA2 is a mess!

I’m struggling! First of all, why did I choose as main colors orange and green, colors I dislike and never use? I don’t think I have anything of that color in my entire house. As a fellow weaver said, human are funny creatures.

Then I began to weave the background with an irregular hatching, wasn’t satisfied with it, unweaved, and tried regular hatching. It didn’t work neither. I realised it was because hatching has a meaning, looking like a shade, and was disturbing. I changed for a pick and pick with chiné, and was more satisfied.

But…..I dont’t know how I will manage these greens, oranges and yellows to work together. I event thought of giving up. I won’t, anyway, not today. We’ll see what happens next.

AA2 est une purge! Je ne sais pas comment je vais m’en sortir avec tous ces verts et oranges, couleurs que je ne peux pas saquer, je ne sais pas pourquoi je les ai choisies. J’ai même pensé à tout arrêter, mais bon, 100 fois sur le métier…….

3 thoughts on “AA2 is a mess!

  1. Hang in there! Remember that you are focused in on one piece of a whole color field. It may not look right to you as it currently dominates this small area of your tapestry in front of you, but it might give a nice POP once it is just in smaller areas dominated by the rest of the tapestry.

    I had a related problem when I had advanced the bottom of my weaving behind the loom and lost sight of the colors I used at the bottom. I should have brought some of them back in near the top of the weaving for better balance, but just didn’t see the whole. I think next time I will make a color cartoon rather than just black lines.


  2. Or you could take pictures of your piece, to keep track of the colors, because even with a cartoon, you can take other decisions. I had the same issue with I’m not Matisse.


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