Caucasian kilim

I am the owner of this kilim because it is damaged and with holes. Otherwise, I couldn’t have afford it, as it seems like a museum piece.

The design is simple and powerful, the colors are natural dyed. From books I read, I think it may be more than a hundred years old.

Un de mes plus beaux kilims, que je n’ai pu acheter il y a bientôt 30 ans que parce qu’il était troué et abîmé.

2 thoughts on “Caucasian kilim

  1. Fascinating that they sometimes use different colors. Did they do it on purpose? Did they run out of a color? Did they look the same when woven, but faded differently over time because of different dyeing processes? On this web page, about 3/4 of the way down, there is a Hotamis Kilim that has similar colors, but note that some of the blues are darker:

    “Restoration Issues- Behind the scenes in the restoration studio”


  2. I’ve found quite the same in a book, and it is said to be from Kazak region, south west of Azerbaidjan, woven by the Kara Kalpak tribe. I will send you a picture.


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