My tools

I’m weaving on a table I have used since my teens, and was found by my grandfather from the left over of an hotel.

As the Zeus Mirrix is very big, I put my tools on a tray above a box. I like wood, and flea markets, and objects, so I’m using as a container whatever I find suitable in my cupboards. Bobbins find place in baskets, beaters in a old measuring box. The marquetry secret box is here beacuse I like it and it can hold a bobbin.

In the plastic bag, bits of yarn, that I will soon sort by colors, following a fellow weaver. I have to find a more suitable mirror. Things to do. The blue thing with the sea horse was made to hold pens, and was Alice’s.

Mes outils quotidiens sur un plateau. Le porte-stylo à l’hippocampe appartenait à Alice.

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