A new loom

Not exactly a loom, more a large frame, one of the millions old looms in the world. It has now a new home, I washed it, waxed it and mounted it with the help of Celina and Olivier. I was first disappointed because I was told that such a large frame without tensioning system wouldn’t do for tapestry. I then found online a wonderful artist and kind person, Louise Oppenheimer, https://www.louiseoppenheimer.com/, who has been working for years on simple large frames, and who gave me confidence. Also that night, instead of sleeping, I decided to warp my loom for a try. Here it is!

Un nouveau métier, ou plutôt un cadre, car il n’a pas de système de tension. Mais voir le travail de Louise Oppenheimer qui travaille sur de simples cadres me met en confiance, et j’ai monté la chaîne cette nuit, pour essayer.

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