Sampling yarns

I didn’t feel like working on my projects, too tired. So I decided to sample some of the yarns I got. These ones are leftovers of yarn shops, they are sold on sale in a hangar near my place. I warped my loom with linen, and despite my efforts, the warp is not even. I like to weave with a linen warp. I put a tag with each yarn, in order to find them easily, as some of them look alike. I will continue with the Vancouver yarns. I particularly appreciate the brown/mauve cotton, and the light blue cotton. The cream wool is great too. The very white cotton is a pain in the neck.

J’avais la flemme de me mettre à mes projets, alors j’ai commencé à tisser des échantillons de fils que je trouve dans un hangar de laines en solde pas loin de chez moi.

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