Lack of consistency

I was not able to be consistent with my interlocks, you can see in the first picture that a double interlock joint follows a simple one. I fear it will show when the tapestry is finished . Also, I was not able to stick with my first choice of colors, I struggled a lot, and I am now stuck with a whole bunch of colors, and the urgent need to find a solution in order to make this design consistent. I have a radical idea in mind, I still have to finish this row to try it. I have the feeling that Alice and Anita 2 will have a better weaving but a less stronger design than the first one. That’s all part of the learning process.

Manque de cohérence, que ce soit dans les liures du bord ou dans le choix des couleurs. Ca va être une sacrée galère d’arriver à faire un tout avec beaucoup trop de teintes. J’ai une idée un peu radicale, je l’essaierai à la fin de la rangée. C’est en forgeant…..

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