Sustainable diary

I was hooked by the idea of a diary when I saw what Tommye Scalin made of it :

But it was difficult to find what would be my diary. I needed it to be meditative but simple, because if I ever find the time each day to weave a little, I knew I wouln’t have the energy to think and take big decisions.

And today, I found it. I have always leftovers from my tapestries, and it’s impossible for me to throw them away, event the shorter ones. I keep them in bags, sorted by color (thanks to Rebecca Mezoff FB group :

Adding to that, I decided to deal with the ends the Sarah Swett way ( And now, my diary begins.

J’adore l’idée américaine de journal intime tissé, voir le lien de Tommye Scanlin qui l’a initiée, et je cherchais une idée pour le mien. J’ai trouvé, simple et décroissant (ça c’est pour Françoise), avec les bouts de laine qui restent des précédentes tapisseries, que je garde par couleur dans des sacs.

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