Doodle and challenges

I decided to weave a little doodle I made, but I gave myself different rules. Rule number one : I do it the Ruth Manning way, no cartoon, just looking at the doodle. ( I cheat a little). The goal is for me to learn to draw with wool, to anticipate and understand forms. Rule number two : no ends, the Sarah Swett way. Rule number three : weave from the front ( it goes with the nimber one, drawing with wool). Adding to that, there’s a lot ofvertical lines, so I’m trying to interlock them the scandinavian way, but I’m not very rigorous. But rigor is not made for doodles! You’ll see it done next week, hopefully.

Je me suis lancée dans un crobard, en me donnant des règles : pas de carton, tissage à main levée, pas de bouts qui traînent, et tisser de face. En plus, il y a un paquet de lignes verticales, que j’essaie de négocier à la scandinave. Si tout va bien, il sera fini la semaine prochaine.

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