Yellow lady

The goal was to weave a rather big scale tapestry( big for me: 65×40 cms) with the silk I bought on sale at Toronto., and from a doodle I failed to weave on a very small scale. I already begun something on my frame with this silk, but gave up quickly, because of the frame I then thought. It happens it’s because of the silk. The yarn is too soft, it flattens, and you don’t even see the bead of the weaving. I may have to give it to someone for knitting….

So I went to my stash and found a bag of yellow and creamy wools I bought in Aubusson, leftovers of a workshop. I added 4 others browns and greys, and here I go!

J’avais prévu assez grand tissage avec de la soie de Toronto. Mais cette soie n’est pas faite pour la tapisserie, toute molle, s’écrasant au premie coup de peigne. Alors j’ai sorti de mes boites un lot de vieilles laines dans les jaunes, acheté à Aubusson, et c’est parti, une petite bonne femme sans bras dans l’encadrure d’une porte..

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