Three generations

I spent this winter break in the Caribbeans, in Guadeloupe, my family homeland. The three of us, my mother, my daughter and me, spent hours ginning cotton. Two tall wild cotton trees are growing on my brother’s property. I harvested all the cotton linters I could, and we worked at it, listening to my mother’s souvenirs.

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Celina’s work

I’m a little behind, but I finally succeeded in posting this week!

Celina has decided to make a serie of tiles, from Turkish or Spanish or Moroccan books of tiles. She wove this one on her Olivier’s home made loom, but was not so happy of it. Symmetry is hard to manage on a small loom. So as the symmetry was going away, she decided to let it go, and slip, and here’s the result, beautiful!

Celina a décidé de se lancer dans une série inspirée de carreaux turcs, ou marocains ou espagnols. Mais comme elle a rencontré quelques problèmes avec la symétrie du truc, elle a décidé d’accompagner le dérapage, et voilà ce que ça donne: superbe! (C’est le métier construit par Olivier, le Frereche, marque déposée. )


I found at my usual store a treasure of small bobbins of threads of different fibers and colors : wool, camel, silk, cashmere….. I don’t know what I will do with them, wait and see.

Au destockage de laine près de chez moi, j’ai trouvé des merveilles de petites bobines de fil de toutes sortes de fibres, soie, laine, cachemire, chameau. Je ne sais pas encore ce que j’en ferai, on verra bien.