Experimenting wedge weave

Since I discovered Silvia Heyden (have a look there: https://vimeo.com/25136243), I wanted to give a try at wedge weave. To be honest, I tried, and failed. I tried again this week ( you know the proverb), and wove two different little things. One quite ugly, red and beige, on wool warp, but for the first time I understood where I had to go. The other one, in the Navajo style, much prettier and easy. I may do it again as a woodle, when I don’t know what to weave.

Ca faisait longtemps que j’avais envie d’essayer ce qu’on appelle le tissage “dans la forme”, c’est ã dire une trame non horizontale, en fait depuis que j’ai découvert l’oeuvre de Silvia Heyden (https://vimeo.com/25136243). J’ai fait deux tentatives cette semaine, une moche rouge et beige, mais qui m’a permis de comprendre oú je devais aller; l’autre, dans le style Navajo, est plus facile et jolie. Je pourrais en faire d’autres comme ça pour me délasser.

Anatomy of a sample

Planning for Four People, I started a sample. I wanted to test the wool I had bought, to give a try to the triangles for my frame, to see how colors matched together. Then, I tried a Rebecca Mezoff exercise about hills and valley turns for smooth lines. Finally, I wove the first three-ply wool I ever spun ( be kind to me) and a cotton thread I fancied at the store.

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The last one

I’m quite struggling with this one, and I don’t know how I will finish him/her. Light or dark blue? And I’m awfully sure the triangles of both sides won’t match. To each day its burden, we’ll see.

C’est le dernier des 4, et je coince un peu pour le/la finir. Bleu foncé ou bleu clair? En plus, je suis sûre que les triangles des bordures ne vont pas coïncider… A chaque jour suffit sa peine, on verra.

My friends are makers, even during lockdowns.

All over the world, my resilient friends are makers. Jon and Celina are weaving tapestry, Françoise and Claudine are reinventing their gardens, Manuèle is drawing, Olivier is creating a digital choir. To all all them, even to those who are not makers, thanks for being there.

La bise à tous mes amis, ceux qui jardinent, ceux qui tissent, ceux qui dessinent, ceux qui chantent, ceux qui bullent tranquilles ou pas tranquilles. Merci d’être là.