Three little looms

I can’t show what I’m working on now because it’s a surprise for some of my readers. So meet my new looms. I wanted to give a try to copper and pipe loom, Quite happy with them.

Je ne peux pas montrer ce que je fais en ce moment, car ce sont des cadeaux pour certains de mes lecteurs. Alors en attendant, voici les petits métiers à tisser que j’ai construits.


2 thoughts on “Three little looms

    1. Hello Kathy,

      I followed Sarah Swett instructions, but I believe her and Tommye made their looms from Archie Brennan’s plans. I’ve not woven yet with that galvanized loom, but I don’t find it practical, with the feet the loom is too high on a table. I prefer to work with the copper loom. Thanks for reading.


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