Tent band?

When I bought this beautiful piece, years ago, I’ve been told it was a tent band, made for surrounding the yurt and keep it sturdy. It doesn’t look like sheep wool, very thin, very dry, cardboardlike. Goat? Camel? The colors are gorgeous, and the back is very neat. If you know where it comes from, let me know.

Une bade de tente destinée à faire tenir la yourte. Laine de mouton? de chèvre? De chameau?


When I bought this tapestry, years ago, I’ve been told that it was an Alep kelim. For a long time I was sure that I will one day visit Alep after retirement, and see others kelims like this one. I know now I will never go to Alep, which no longer exists.

The beauty of the tapestry remains, thanks to an unknown human (woman?) who expressed his/her soul in it.

J’ai longtemps rêvé de visiter Alep, à cause de ce kilim qui y aurait été fabriqué. Cela n’arrivera pas, Alep n’existe plus. Reste le travail de la tisserande.

You see the bue well preserved on the back
A detail

Alice and Anita

I am preparing for a new project, way to ambitious for my skills. I know I will struggle and partly fail, because I don’t have a clue on how I will weave some parts of the piece. Even the beginning is a mess, with erratic heddles and curvy foundation. I don’t care, my only challenge is to finish it, hopefully before June.

Un projet que j’espère terminer en juin, avec déjà plein de défauts. On s’en fout, c’est le voyage qui compte.

The starting point is a photo of two little girls in the Thirties, Alice and Anita, well dressed for the occasion, with white bows in their heads. Two people are holding a fabric behind them. Taking picture was a big deal in 1937. Anita is my mother.

La photo, prise vers 1937, est celle d’Alice et Anita, deux jumelles, à l’époque où prendre une photo était un moment important. Anita est ma mère.

Tools, bobbins, scissors, sticks and beaters….

Beautiful wools dyed by Thierry Roger in Aubusson

Who are the new ones?

I was lucky enough to buy those beautiful tools from Millissa Dewey and Jim Hokett, from the US and Dave Brown from Australia. But I noticed those skilled makers were all three in their seventies.

Who are the new craftsmen and women? Where are they? If you you one, let me know.

Qui connait la relève de ces fabuleux artisans, tous autour de 70 ans?

Jim Hokett has retired, he no longer makes this beautiful tools.
Dave Brown : WoodenTreen on Etsy
Millissa Dewey : Bobbin Boy