When I bought this tapestry, years ago, I’ve been told that it was an Alep kelim. For a long time I was sure that I will one day visit Alep after retirement, and see others kelims like this one. I know now I will never go to Alep, which no longer exists.

The beauty of the tapestry remains, thanks to an unknown human (woman?) who expressed his/her soul in it.

J’ai longtemps rêvé de visiter Alep, à cause de ce kilim qui y aurait été fabriqué. Cela n’arrivera pas, Alep n’existe plus. Reste le travail de la tisserande.

You see the bue well preserved on the back
A detail

One thought on “Alep

  1. Bravo Ghislaine, la lente naissance d’Alice et Anita est très émouvante, les doutes de leur créatrice aussi. Quel joli partage, merci


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