Alice and Anita

I am preparing for a new project, way to ambitious for my skills. I know I will struggle and partly fail, because I don’t have a clue on how I will weave some parts of the piece. Even the beginning is a mess, with erratic heddles and curvy foundation. I don’t care, my only challenge is to finish it, hopefully before June.

Un projet que j’espère terminer en juin, avec déjà plein de défauts. On s’en fout, c’est le voyage qui compte.

The starting point is a photo of two little girls in the Thirties, Alice and Anita, well dressed for the occasion, with white bows in their heads. Two people are holding a fabric behind them. Taking picture was a big deal in 1937. Anita is my mother.

La photo, prise vers 1937, est celle d’Alice et Anita, deux jumelles, à l’époque où prendre une photo était un moment important. Anita est ma mère.

Tools, bobbins, scissors, sticks and beaters….

Beautiful wools dyed by Thierry Roger in Aubusson

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