“Life is short, we’re getting older” (Fred Astaire), and before it’s too late, I want to reconnect with what I always liked, and wanted to study and share: making textiles, textures and jewels. So here I am, and this blog will be a piece of the sharing part. I will try to post weekly, on what I do, but also on textiles I love, blogs I discover, books I read.

I bet I will struggle with technology, (it’s my first blog) and with English, which is not my mother tongue. I made the choice of English because the online weaving community is mostly English speaking .

We’ll see together how long this blog will last. Your comments will be appreciated.

Et pour vous, mes amis français, un résumé de tout ça : la vie est courte, et il y a des tas de choses que j’ai envie de faire et de partager, alors je me lance dans ce blog, on verra bien.

A special thought to my daughter

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