Let’s start, Penelope!

My warped loom (that was not so easy!). In the middle, the main project will soon appear. On the blue warp, exercices : I am taking an online class with Rebecca Mezzof, it will be my homework place. On the right, this narrow warp will be for samples : my project is too difficult for me, and I will have to test my solutions first.

Alice et Anita in progress

After all the preparatory work, thinking of it all, designing the project, choosin the colors, winding the bobbins, warping the loom, it’s a treat to start at last. I will try to do a little bit each day, and to post weekly about this work.

Le début de mon projet pour les prochains mois à venir, avec à gauche les exercices du cours que je suis ( Rebeccamezzof.com) et à droite les essais/erreurs pour la tapisserie du milieu.

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