Faces done

The weaving is going slowly, as I have diiferent projects on the go. It won’t be finished before autum comes. Faces are done anyway, and hopefully better done that the first ones. I must admit that I am less disappointed on the first Alice et Anita now. I like them more. However, I wove the AA2 faces differently, and at a finer sett, I am curious to see what will come of it. Another decison to take ( or unweave): yellow or white ribbons?

Les visages sont finis, on verra ce que ça donne. Je commence à avoir un regard moins sévère sur les premières Alice et Anita. Une décision à prendre ( ou à défaire) : les noeuds dans les cheveux, jaunes ou blancs?

My tools

I’m weaving on a table I have used since my teens, and was found by my grandfather from the left over of an hotel.

As the Zeus Mirrix is very big, I put my tools on a tray above a box. I like wood, and flea markets, and objects, so I’m using as a container whatever I find suitable in my cupboards. Bobbins find place in baskets, beaters in a old measuring box. The marquetry secret box is here beacuse I like it and it can hold a bobbin.

In the plastic bag, bits of yarn, that I will soon sort by colors, following a fellow weaver. I have to find a more suitable mirror. Things to do. The blue thing with the sea horse was made to hold pens, and was Alice’s.

Mes outils quotidiens sur un plateau. Le porte-stylo à l’hippocampe appartenait à Alice.

About minimalism

I was saying to a friend that I will never be a minimalist artist when I remembered the last drawing I made. It was last year, made on sheets of the paper you put in your washing machine to prevent colors to bleed.

Au moment oú je disais à un ami que le minimalisme n’etait pas mon truc, je me suis souvenu du dernier dessin que j’ai fait l’an dernier, sur les feuilles qu’on met dans la machine à laver pour empêcher le linge de déteindre.

I’ve been collecting these sheets for years now, because I love their colors.

Caucasian kilim

I am the owner of this kilim because it is damaged and with holes. Otherwise, I couldn’t have afford it, as it seems like a museum piece.

The design is simple and powerful, the colors are natural dyed. From books I read, I think it may be more than a hundred years old.

Un de mes plus beaux kilims, que je n’ai pu acheter il y a bientôt 30 ans que parce qu’il était troué et abîmé.

Creepy eyes

As in the first piece, eyes look quite creepy when you weave from the back. These hairy things in the middle of a face make me uncomfortable. But with my little mirror I saw that from the front the eyes of Anita look quite normal. So let’s go on. Another surprise is the twins are becoming more and more different, with a will of their own.

Sur l’envers de la tapisserie, les yuex sont très bizarres, comme s’ils avaient des cheveux. Creepy.

A gift

The next project will be a gift, so I won’t publish it till the recipient see it. I will have to manage two weavings at a time, I have to finish this gift before September 12 th, as it willbe a birthday present. Anyway, here is a glimpse on the colors.

Le prochain projet est un cadeau, qui doit être terminé pour le 12 septembre et qui ne sera donc pas publié avant.