Fanart of Fanart

My daughter loves to draw Fanart of the video games she loves, like The legend of Zelda. I love my daughter’s art. So I decided to make a tapestry from one of her production, and to give it to her for her birthday.

It’s now off the loom, and not so bad, and I think she likes it. Then, discussing with her about my choices in terms of color or details, she said that though she likes most of my choices, they wouldn’t have been hers. So today we will work on collaboration, to elaborate an new cartoon, I will weave it and she will choose the one she prefers.

My daughter’s website is here.

J’ai fini la tapisserie à partir du Fan art de ma fille. En discutant, elle m’a dit que ses choix n’auraient pas été les mêmes que les miens, même si elle les appréciait. Alors après une session de travail, on va élaborer un autre carton, et quand j’aurai fini cette deuxième tapisserie, elle choisira celle qu’elle préfèrera.

Cute little thing

My Airbnb in Toronto is a cave, so I spend some time weaving in a park. It’s a real pleasure to weave outside, feeling the wind, hearing people talking and laughing. The hardest part is to find each day the convenient table, shady and not to close to the street. Sometimes people approach me and ask questions. A young Asian man was in wonder, he told me that when he was young, he saw his mother weaving, not tapestry but fabric. And, looking at the Mirrix loom he added that she wove on a huge wooden loom, not like this cute little thing.

As for the weaving, my gift is going well, and should be finished on time.

MonAirbnb est un trou à rat, alors je passe mes journées à tisser dans le parc, et c’est un vrai plaisir. Le plus dur, c’est de trouver la bonne table.

Quand à la tapisserie, elle avance bien, et devrait être terminée dans les temps.


I love the red color of this kilim. Turkisk I bet, powerful with only four colors. Yellow and white or rose have faded, not the brown. The warp is cotton, the weft seems hand spun wool, thick and shiny. The kilim shows some repairs, and at some places the warp is visible. In their book, Ahmet Diler and Marc-Antoine Gallice decribe the design as scorpio, they say that people appropriate the strength of this animal they fear. I often think of the work of women I don’t know, dyeing, spinning, weaving, repairing.

J’adore le rouge de ce kilim à motif de scorpion. La laine a été filée à la main.

Winding equipment

When I came back from my first workshop from Aubusson, I hadn’t heard of Mirrix yet. So I thought I would lately buy a low warp loom, and I begun to find equipment meeting this goal. I first bought (second hand and very cheap) these tools whose name I don’t know in English. The cycle is made to wind big bobbins, like the ones in the picture. The two little ones are made to wind Aubusson “flûtes “. The tiny one is 100 years old, and was probably intend to wind lace bobbins. I also bought the lazy John, and the 60’s plastic bobbin winder, to be able to wind without bobbins ( they are hard to find).

For the Mirrix, I don’t need fûtes anymore, but I still use them from time to time. And I may still buy a low warp loom, although I would like now to have a proper training on high warp loom. We’ll see.

Pensant que je m’achèterai un métier de basse lice, je me suis équipée à Aubusson d’une roue à bobiner, et d’une bobinette pour les flûtes. J’ai aussi acheté le cantre, puis le bobinoir en plastique années 60, pour faire des pelotes, car les bobines en bois sont rares et chères. Avec le Mirrix, plus besoin de bobines, mais peut-être que j’achèterai le métier de basse lice plus tard, on verra.

Welcome Paula

Paula is the new born daughter of a young colleague. So I decided to weave her name. First time weaving letters, first time finishing a weaving. I’m good at neither of them. But Paula won’t care.

Paula est le bébé d’une jeune collègue. C’est la première fois que je tissais des lettres, première fois que je faisais les finitions. Pas top pour aucun des deux. Mais Paula s’en fout.