Fanart of Fanart

My daughter loves to draw Fanart of the video games she loves, like The legend of Zelda. I love my daughter’s art. So I decided to make a tapestry from one of her production, and to give it to her for her birthday.

It’s now off the loom, and not so bad, and I think she likes it. Then, discussing with her about my choices in terms of color or details, she said that though she likes most of my choices, they wouldn’t have been hers. So today we will work on collaboration, to elaborate an new cartoon, I will weave it and she will choose the one she prefers.

My daughter’s website is here.

J’ai fini la tapisserie à partir du Fan art de ma fille. En discutant, elle m’a dit que ses choix n’auraient pas été les mêmes que les miens, même si elle les appréciait. Alors après une session de travail, on va élaborer un autre carton, et quand j’aurai fini cette deuxième tapisserie, elle choisira celle qu’elle préfèrera.

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