Cute little thing

My Airbnb in Toronto is a cave, so I spend some time weaving in a park. It’s a real pleasure to weave outside, feeling the wind, hearing people talking and laughing. The hardest part is to find each day the convenient table, shady and not to close to the street. Sometimes people approach me and ask questions. A young Asian man was in wonder, he told me that when he was young, he saw his mother weaving, not tapestry but fabric. And, looking at the Mirrix loom he added that she wove on a huge wooden loom, not like this cute little thing.

As for the weaving, my gift is going well, and should be finished on time.

MonAirbnb est un trou à rat, alors je passe mes journées à tisser dans le parc, et c’est un vrai plaisir. Le plus dur, c’est de trouver la bonne table.

Quand à la tapisserie, elle avance bien, et devrait être terminée dans les temps.

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