Egyptian tapestry

I believe this tapestry comes from Egypt. I could say I inherited it from Michelle, my friend’s mother. She was a History teacher and traveled her whole life. She was also a very kind and attentive person, and a woman with values and principles. I loved her a lot. She left a lot of objects from her travels, and her children wanted the people who had loved her to keep souvenirs.
This tapestry is not a Wissa Wassef one, but it’s charming, colors are gorgeous, and no fish looks like another one.

Cette tapisserie, que je pense égyptienne, me vient de Michelle, la mère d’une amie. J’aimais beaucoup cette femme, je l’admirais et l’estimais aussi. Ses enfants ont souhaité que ceux qui l’aimaient gardent quelques uns des objets rapportés de ses nombreux voyages.
Ce tapis n’est pas un Wissa Wassef, mais il en a le charme, ses couleurs sont très belles, et tous les poissons sont différents.

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