Four People off the loom

Done. The weaving begun as a simple experiment. It will now stay forever as the witness and the help in hard times. My lines are not very smooth, and I could have worked more on the design, but it was just an enlarged doodle, an exercice with some technical goals. I reached some of the them : weave at 6 epi, with different yarns for weft, at a larger scale, keep my selveges straight and even (almost). I am quite happy too with the colors and values. But I failed with my frame: as the triangles didn’t match at the end, I didn’t know how to fix it, choose the wrong solution, so this piece will be forever imbalanced. On to the next one.

Fini. Cette tapisserie a commencé comme une tranquille experimentation. Elle restera à jamais le témoin tissé et le compagnon de moments difficiles. Les lignes ne sont pas très fluides, et j’aurais pu travailler davantage le dessin, mais cette tapisserie a d’abord été un exercice dans lequel je me suis fixé des buts techniques. J’en ai atteint quelques uns : tisser à une plus grande échelle, avec une chaîne plus large, et différentes sortes de laine, tout en gardant des lisières droites (presque…). Je suis satisfaite des couleurs et du jeu de valeurs. Mais je me suis plantée avec le cadre, à la fin du tissage les triangles ne coïncidaient plus. J’ai cherché une solution et celle que je tissée n’est pas la bonne. Alors je vais juste plier à ras, cela fonctionne mieux, même si la tapisserie restera déséquilibrée. Et je me mets à la prochaine.

5 thoughts on “Four People off the loom

  1. I have to say that I LIKE the folded edge. It gives me a feeling that the people are looking into the unknown future. There is is a lot more to come, beyond that non-edge. And I didn’t notice the bright light edge on the right, until it became balanced with the dark folded edge. Almost like the past is illuminated, but the future… It genuinely gives me sense of anticipation/thrill about what is yet to come! Fascinating how you resolved it.

    Your curves are pretty good. I think we notice our own minutia mistakes much more than people who see it for the first time. And you have really nice chiné in the red (in particular!).


  2. Thank you Jon, and I agree with you, the folding works well. There’s also a chine in the brown man, but the values may be too close, and it’s difficult to see it.


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