I have a new padawan, Frédérique, and like the others she is very talented. Her first tapestry was a little house, the second one is a Snoopy, as a gift to someone close to her. Her weavings are neat and precise, with a great sense of color. Welcome to the tapestry world, and bravo.

J’ai une nouvelle padawan, Frédérique, et elle est aussi talentueuse que les autres. Sa première tapisserie était une petite maison, la seconde un Snoopy, qui est un cadeau pour un proche. Son tissage est net et précis, elle a un grand sens de la couleur. Bienvenue dans le monde de la tapisserie, et bravo.

One thought on “Snoopy

  1. Wow! She is good. The colors! And those Snoopy outlines are very difficult to get right, but she had great success. A good student and a good teacher make a great combination.


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