Doodle and challenges

I decided to weave a little doodle I made, but I gave myself different rules. Rule number one : I do it the Ruth Manning way, no cartoon, just looking at the doodle. ( I cheat a little). The goal is for me to learn to draw with wool, to anticipate and understand forms. Rule number two : no ends, the Sarah Swett way. Rule number three : weave from the front ( it goes with the nimber one, drawing with wool). Adding to that, there’s a lot ofvertical lines, so I’m trying to interlock them the scandinavian way, but I’m not very rigorous. But rigor is not made for doodles! You’ll see it done next week, hopefully.

Je me suis lancée dans un crobard, en me donnant des règles : pas de carton, tissage à main levée, pas de bouts qui traînent, et tisser de face. En plus, il y a un paquet de lignes verticales, que j’essaie de négocier à la scandinave. Si tout va bien, il sera fini la semaine prochaine.

Indonesian comb?

As always, I found this beautiful object in a yardsale near my place. The seller told me it was a comb, a decorative one. I’m not sure that it was only decorative, I don’t know if it’s a hair comb or a weaving comb. From the design, I would say it comes from an Indonesian island. But it resonates so well with Kuba textiles from Zaïre.

J’ai trouvé ce peigne ( à cheveux? Pour tisser?) à une brocante, comme d’habitude. Je crois qu’il vient d’Indonésie.

Sustainable diary

I was hooked by the idea of a diary when I saw what Tommye Scalin made of it :

But it was difficult to find what would be my diary. I needed it to be meditative but simple, because if I ever find the time each day to weave a little, I knew I wouln’t have the energy to think and take big decisions.

And today, I found it. I have always leftovers from my tapestries, and it’s impossible for me to throw them away, event the shorter ones. I keep them in bags, sorted by color (thanks to Rebecca Mezoff FB group :

Adding to that, I decided to deal with the ends the Sarah Swett way ( And now, my diary begins.

J’adore l’idée américaine de journal intime tissé, voir le lien de Tommye Scanlin qui l’a initiée, et je cherchais une idée pour le mien. J’ai trouvé, simple et décroissant (ça c’est pour Françoise), avec les bouts de laine qui restent des précédentes tapisseries, que je garde par couleur dans des sacs.

Lack of consistency

I was not able to be consistent with my interlocks, you can see in the first picture that a double interlock joint follows a simple one. I fear it will show when the tapestry is finished . Also, I was not able to stick with my first choice of colors, I struggled a lot, and I am now stuck with a whole bunch of colors, and the urgent need to find a solution in order to make this design consistent. I have a radical idea in mind, I still have to finish this row to try it. I have the feeling that Alice and Anita 2 will have a better weaving but a less stronger design than the first one. That’s all part of the learning process.

Manque de cohérence, que ce soit dans les liures du bord ou dans le choix des couleurs. Ca va être une sacrée galère d’arriver à faire un tout avec beaucoup trop de teintes. J’ai une idée un peu radicale, je l’essaierai à la fin de la rangée. C’est en forgeant…..

Sampling yarns

I didn’t feel like working on my projects, too tired. So I decided to sample some of the yarns I got. These ones are leftovers of yarn shops, they are sold on sale in a hangar near my place. I warped my loom with linen, and despite my efforts, the warp is not even. I like to weave with a linen warp. I put a tag with each yarn, in order to find them easily, as some of them look alike. I will continue with the Vancouver yarns. I particularly appreciate the brown/mauve cotton, and the light blue cotton. The cream wool is great too. The very white cotton is a pain in the neck.

J’avais la flemme de me mettre à mes projets, alors j’ai commencé à tisser des échantillons de fils que je trouve dans un hangar de laines en solde pas loin de chez moi.