Another part of me

  • Kilim 2021

    I decided to try to replicate a kilim I love. I began by a thorough observation, and found right away that I would have to downsize my ambitions. The kilim has a wool warp and is woven at a sett of approximately 16 epi. As it will be for me a first at weaving at…

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  • Just in time!

    Just in time!

    I wrote I will post once a month, and I nearly missed it! I’m not posting, but I’m weaving a lot. I warped the Leclerc loom for the second time (I have still some warp tension issues…), and I’m studying and sampling for the big Alice and Anita. Some of the samples turned ok, some…

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  • “Make haste slowly, and without losing courageTwenty times on the loom, hand over your work,Polish it constantly, and polish it again,Add sometimes, and erase often”. “Hâtez-vous lentement, et sans perdre courage,Vingt fois sur le métier remettez votre ouvrage,Polissez-le sans cesse, et le repolissez,Ajoutez quelquefois, et souvent effacez”. Nicolas Boileau I intend to weave a big…

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  • Anita 1 and 2, and soon 3

    I’m sampling for a bigger piece that I hopefully weave in the year to come. They were done on my Mirrix, and I’m currently working on the third one on my big Leclerc loom. Je fais des études pour une grande tapisserie, que j’espère tisser dans l’année à venir. Elles ont été faites sur mon…

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  • Snoopy

    I have a new padawan, Frédérique, and like the others she is very talented. Her first tapestry was a little house, the second one is a Snoopy, as a gift to someone close to her. Her weavings are neat and precise, with a great sense of color. Welcome to the tapestry world, and bravo. J’ai…

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  • Slowing down

    As you have already noticed, I don’t post every week anymore. Beginning today, I will commit to one post a month. I don’t want constraints anymore, especially self inflicted ones. Today, just a picture of my tidy studio ( in fact half of my living room), with a huge space made for my new Leclerc…

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  • I spent the last weeks weaving little squares. They are meant as gifts for those of my friends who helped me settle and feel good in my new home. The weft is lichen dyed wool, except for some lines of each person prefered colors. You won’t see them here, except for this one which didn’t…

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  • Three little looms

    I can’t show what I’m working on now because it’s a surprise for some of my readers. So meet my new looms. I wanted to give a try to copper and pipe loom, Quite happy with them. Je ne peux pas montrer ce que je fais en ce moment, car ce sont des cadeaux pour…

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  • Rearview/ Rétroviseur

    This tapestry comes from a vision I had in my rearview a few months ago, while driving back home. I realize that this title may also illustrate my current situation, newly retired and looking back at my achievements. Anyway, this moment was weird and beautiful in the sunset, and I decided to weave a tapestry…

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  • Doing or succeeding?

    What did I do this week? Many things, but some of them were a failure. But I did spend time with them, so I will give them a little place here. Qu’est ce que j’ai fait cette semaine ? Pas mal de choses, même si plusieurs sont ratées. Mais comme j’y ai passé du temps,…

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Life is short, we’re getting older” (Fred Astaire), and before it’s too late, I want to reconnect with what I always liked, and wanted to study and share: making textiles, textures and jewels. So here I am, and this blog will be a piece of the sharing part. I will try to post weekly, on what I do, but also on textiles I love, blogs I discover, books I read.

I bet I will struggle with technology, (it’s my first blog) and with English, which is not my mother tongue. I made the choice of English because the online weaving community is mostly English speaking .

Et pour vous, mes amis français, un résumé de tout ça : la vie est courte, et il y a des tas de choses que j’ai envie de faire et de partager, alors je me lance dans ce blog, on verra bien.